How it works

Welcome to myBuildings check-in.

Time consuming building and property check-in / Sign In is a thing of the past. All you now need is a smart phone or tablet and the myBuildings check-in App.

As you enter a building that you have been registered for, the myBuildings check-in App on your smart phone or tablet will know your location and automatically present you with a list of questions and / or information relevant to gaining entry into that particular building.

All you then need to do is respond to the questions on your smart phone or tablet, confirm that you have reviewed the Terms and Conditions of entry and in you go.

Once you have completed your work and you leave the building or property, the system will know that and you will be asked a couple of questions. Again all you need to do is respond to the questions and confirm you have left the building.

No more queues, no more looking for someone to sign you in or out – easy.

To Register

When you are allocated a job by a myBuildings user that utilises myBuildings check-in,  you will notice the header includes your unique Contractor Number and PIN.  

Simply download the myBuildings check-in app from either the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store, and once installed, enter your Contractor Number, PIN, Phone number and Name.